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Silica fume

Our silica fume is key component in high-performance concrete, shotcrete, oil well grouts and cementitious repair products

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What is Silica Fume?

Silica Fume also known as microsilica is an inorganic, amorphous product, which consists on very small spheres collected on our plants filtration systems during ferrosilicon and silicon metal production in the electrical arc furnaces.

Its characteristics and conditions for ensuring optimum quality are established in the UNE – EN 13263 Standard, sections 1 and 2. This material is subject to the СE Mark

What improvement does it provide when used?

Given it high fineness and pozzolanic nature, the Silica Fume it highly reactive to Ca(OH)₂. This reactiveness gives the products where it is used more homogeneity and reduces porosity and permeability. As a result, is possible to obtain more dense concrete and mortars.

High Performance Concrete containing silica fume greatly enhances durability, delivers increased toughness, increased resistance to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals; and life-cycle cost efficiencies.  Highway bridges, parking decks, marine structures and bridge deck overlays are subject to constant deterioration caused by rebar corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack.  Silica fume will protect concrete against deicing salts, seawater and abrasion from road traffic.  Rebar corrosion activity and concrete deterioration are virtually eliminated and greatly minimizing maintenance costs.

Where is it better used?

The most important application is in the preparation of high-performance concrete and mortars, as the controlled addition of Silica Fume results in resistances of more than 1,000 kg/cm², improves its impermeability from external agents and the protection of the reinforcements.

High-Strength Concrete enhanced with silica fume provides architects and engineers with greater design flexibility. These types of concrete are used in large-scale works such as bridges, viaducts, ports, skyscrapers, offshore platforms, etc.

Other applications of growing interest are the production of fibre-cement products, concrete roofing tile, gypsum & cement wallboards, refractories, oil well grouts and cementitious repair products.

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